People wanna to be famous

In Uncategorized on juni 9, 2020 at 11:26 pm

People wanna be famous at any cost. But the problem is bigger than that. We do not know how to argue a case. The issue is not that «white police male killed a black innocent man.» The issue is that a human being killed another human being. If you want to talk about police brutality that is another topic. If you want to talk about crimes in the black community it is another topic. If you want to talk about racism that is again another topic. The death of George Floyd should not be used to point out police brutality and crime rate among black community. It does not matter if you like or dislike George Floyd. George Floyd was killed by another person, that is the issue. It is not about police, it is not about race, it is not about gender. Demonizing or sanctification of the killer/victim does not help either. It is only confusing the crowd (and maybe that is the intention in the first place). It does not matter if the person (killer or victim) was a good citizen or a bad apple. What does matter is that a crime was committed. No one has the right to kill/ no one deserves to die. If you want to win a case, if you want to make a change, learn how to think and argue. Do not generalize based on a single case. And most important, keep the feelings for yourself and send the arguments to the world. Love&Peace

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