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In Uncategorized on september 2, 2021 at 12:16 pm

People do not need therapy to cope with grief. Therapy do not help with natural process. A person is staying as long as they need in a stage of grief, there is no standard time to grief. Therapy only make things worse when it comes to natural processes. Feeling sad is not the same of feeling depressed. You choose words like depression instead of sadness in order to increase the idea of illness when it is actually a natural need that each and everyone of us knows how to handle it.

If you want to offer help as a professional you should start by being honest. If a person is done with the grief process and is having trouble to start the reconstruction therapy might be able to help. And with this we go to another problem with the presentation.

The grief process might have more than 5 stages, but 6 Reconstruction and working through, 8 Discovery, 9 Envisioning, 10 Setting goals, 11 Planning and 12 Action are not stages in of grief. They are stages of post grief. And by adding them to the grief process you only make it more difficult for people to be done with the grief. Mixing needs (grief) with strategies of reconstruction would only create confusion. Therapy should help. And clarity helps, while confusion destroys.

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