The paradox of choice

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The paradox of choice | Barry Schwartz – YouTube

One of the viewers comment: “(…)I found out that choice does not cause depression. A person can be trained to handle choice. You can be trained to make the right choice fast. One way is to know what you actually want. Find out what you want. The rest of the meaning is in your mind and if you don’t like it, make a shift in your perception.”

Not knowing what you want is an artificially created problem that we have (and struggle to solve) because we are under pressure. Every living creature (including humans) is born knowing what they need and want. When you take the creature out of natural habitat or when you contaminate the environment then the creature gets confused. We humans get confused by the abundance of information we are expose to, every day of our life since the day we are conceived. An average pregnant woman receive 3 ultrasound during pregnancy. This is not only information received from the fetus, but also information given to the fetus. Information that I did not receive when I was a fetus.

If you need “to be trained to make the right choice” you have a problem. Even more, if you need somebody “to train” you it will cost you dearly and maybe not only money. Because that somebody might train you to chose what he or she wants you to do. That is how the commercial advertisement works.

Like this, in a world of endless choices and opportunities, you do not have any choice at all!

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