How to transform a fact of nature into fake news!

In Uncategorized on mai 14, 2022 at 9:10 pm

The underdog male cuttlefish has the ability to disguise into being a woman in order to get undetected by the dominant male and get his leg over the female. That is a fact observed by biologists.

BUT the people running the website misuse this fact to induce the idea that … pay attention here  … “to understand gender in binary: male and female” is not only naive and rigid but also wrong. According to them (people running the website) imitating the female color in order to get a shag is the same with non-adherence to the binary gender system.

Since when imitating a female is the same with being a female? Pretending is not the same as being, my dear. Unless you live in the fantasy world of wonderland, pretending is just a game, in the best case a film.

Besides, the male cuttlefish do not imitate a female in order to have sex with another male! He does so in order to not to be chased away by the dominant male before he can jump on the female and get laid. I would say that this is quite strong adherence to the binary gender, don’t you think?!  

Facts…Fake news…

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