Joker, 2019

No other film advertises better for the attachment theory then The Joker. And I think that Patricia Crittenden had something to say, when they choose the Joker’s nickname…. «Happy»…. His mom is calling him Happy and she is demanding that he is always smiling!



Strings.  If you think you are an island… think again!

“Now look up! Can you see where you end?

No… Can you?

I end where you begin and where you end, I begin, in that way we are all connected…


Look… We are guiding each other! When you learn to be guided by love, then you can use its strength, which dwells in all lives not just in your own…”



Lumea vazuta de Ion B. Artistul cersator. 


Equilibrium. Scary future



Blue Caprice. Not everything has a meaning



The Robber. Indeed, not everything has a meaning



Shattered Glass. Do not believe all you read in the newspaper



A Beautiful Mind. «Madness can be an escape»



Horici Ker. How to destroy a nation



The Hurricane. How to destroy a person



Fruitvale station. Some are not making trough



42. Some are making through



Behind the Candelabra. A case of narcissism



De gales hus. Norsk realisme… fantastisk!



Underground. The Julian Assange Story. It shows me that the world is as barbaric as it was for 2000 years ago, or even more



Quills. We need to understand that pressing into punishing square a malignant mind growing unregulated fantasy will only pushes it on the edge of action.




Stories of different people that coincidently meet; nothing special so far; seen same idea before, and I will dare to say… better ideas.

One story is more special than others. And I also dare to say it is a better written, filmed and directed story than any other similar stories presenting sexual offenders. Sexual offenders are usually presented as cold, unempathic, and “in action” criminals. Also, you get to see “live” with more or less details how “the criminal” is molesting “the victim”. This movie tells another story. It shows the struggle a person is experience trying to rehabilitate himself. I believe every person, in front of a crossroad struggles to choose which road to take.




A movie that should be good except it is not. It has all the ingredients… a heroic story, an old story, a love story, a good looking hero, the painful transformation of the hero, the miracle of God and yet… something is missing.

It is like grandmothers say… to bake a nurturing bread it takes more than just flour, yeast and water… you have to put your soul into it. This movie does not have soul… is missing the act of art. Sorry




Jagten eller den moderne heksejakten presenterer for oss hvordan menneske og samfunnets dynamikk er det samme som det var på 14oo tallet. Vi har nok andre våpen og vi bruker andre mekanismer for å jage bort de som står for seg selv, men vi jager neimen bort alle som ikke respekterer janteloven.

Janteloven lyder slik:

  1. Du skal ikke tro at du er noe.
  2. Du skal ikke tro at du er like så meget som oss.
  3. Du skal ikke tro du er klokere enn oss.
  4. Du skal ikke innbille deg du er bedre enn oss.
  5. Du skal ikke tro du vet mere enn oss.
  6. Du skal ikke tro du er mere enn oss.
  7. Du skal ikke tro at du duger til noe.
  8. Du skal ikke le av oss.
  9. Du skal ikke tro at noen bryr seg om deg.
  10. Du skal ikke tro at du kan lære oss noe.

”Du har brydd deg alt for meget, det har jeg alltid sagt til deg” sier en trofast venn til Lukas. Er man engasjert, bryr man seg, er man dedikert til et mål… blir det et problem… Man skal respektere janteloven… man skal ikke tro at man dugger til noe.

Garabet Ibraileanu sa nemlig at når man gjør en barmhjertelig altruistisk hendelse skal man alltid finne på en mer egoistisk grunn å presentere foran allmennheten for å hindre flokken å finne på noe grusomt istedenfor.

Filmen presenterer Lukas en barnehageassistent som elsker jobben sin, som eg glad i barn og som møter barna på deres premisser. Likevel trenges ikke mer enn fantasien til et frustrert barn for å dømme samt straffe ham for pedofili. Ja, han er allerede da dømt og blir straffet umiddelbar; han blir ikke anklaget, mistenkt, etterforsket, stilt til retten og eventuelt dømmes hvis har er skyldig; nei, han ble dømt fra det første blikket og han blir straffet av sine medarbeidere, venner, naboer, butikkmedarbeidere… ja, neste hele samfunnet.

En trist film og veldig aktuelt. Det moderne mennesket er like primitivt som det var for 1000år siden. Det er bare at vi ikke lenger kaster stein og setter bål, i hvert fall ikke i dagens lys; nei, vi bare kaster ord som brenner like ille som ild.

Jeg må berømme dansk dramaturgi, de har enda en gang kommet med et mesterverk. Det er imponerende hvor dyktige de er i å bruke metaforer og å sette lys i plottet paradoksal ved bruk av stillhet. Jeg er imponert! Anbefaler filmen på det sterkeste.



Loosies. At first I thought cliché, another bad guy same love power and boom… another happy ending! But my mind kept coming back to the movie. And after a while I realize I want to see the movie again. And I was amazed by the simplicity of the movie, so down to Earth, so natural, so human. I love it!



The human race

It is a long, long time since I saw such pessimistic movie. It presents the evil in its all forms, in a very cold and unempathic way. You do not feel anything for all those people suffering. You do not care that they suffer. In a very strange way, your mind does not compute algorithms to create solutions. It is basically saying… everything is fucked up… there is no point of trying… does not matter that you beat cancer… does not matter that you live and eat healthy… does not matter that you learn and do well in school… does not matter that you pray and are altruistic… does not matter that you are a criminal, a psychopath or a rapist… in the end all is just a grotesque game of pain…  

Actually the explanation in the end (I let you discover it yourself) it destroying a bit the pessimistic guru image otherwise well created. Giving an explanation the film creates the opposite of contrasts, and by that gives the opportunity to the viewer to choose an appurtenance group. Once you choose which side you are, the hope is getting awake. And the hope is the rot to all emotion. Hope gives you the strength to fight against all odds. So the explanation is destroying the psychopathic, unempathic aura. The meaningless struggle has all of the sudden a meaning!

Another scene in the movie that destroys the evil image of the movie is, as a paradox, the raise of evil among the offers. When the offers see the opportunity to indulge their own evil and vicious desires and decide to hurt other offers, not to gain anything, not to survive, just because they can, and no punishment seems to come. It is very interesting question one get to ask oneself during these scene… how come I get more in touch with my feelings when one of the offers screaming to the person that he kills die mother fucker… why don’t you die thanwhen another offer gets the brain blown away just because s/he steps on grass?

And finally, the fact that the only survivor of an otherwise meaningless race is a handicapped person brings also some humanity to the movie.

This movie proves wrong all the psychological theories that claim empathy is something a person either have or do not have. People that do not show emotions may have empathy, is just that sometimes is very hard to cope with it. Unempathic state of mind is a defense mechanism that can transform some of us into cold blooded, psychopathic criminals; not all of us.



The Odd Life of Timothy Green

It makes you wonder… do people really want a child or do they just want to fulfill their own ambitions and dreams?

I want my child to never give up…

I want my child to have good heart…

I want my child to be as funny as uncle Bob…

I want my child to be honest…but my kid cannot be perfect… he will be honest to a fault…

I want my child to rock…

I want my child to be artistic, a Picasso with a pencil…

I want my child to be optimistic…a full glass person…

I want my child to love and be loved…

I want my child to score the winning goal… even if for just one time….

8 wishes… 8 leaves to live…


And what if you will get just that… and nothing more?!

Cindy and Jim Green are exceptionally good parents… that make exceptionally good mistakes… that will only be able to raise a child when they will give up their own ambitions, when they will be able to love beyond the perfection.

They want the best for their child and they try to cut his leaves…

They do not want to put too much pressure on their child and they wish him have the day that you have… instead of the more traditionally have a nice day.

They do not want their child to end up in conflicts and they advice him to run in the other way.

But they do not want to have a normal child, they want to have a special child, a child that will complete them, a child that will make them special.


A wonderful movie about human being egoistic motivation to have children. It is also about the little mistakes grownups make when trying to protect their child. I guess it is an optimist movie… everybody makes mistakes, but as long as they are full of love, their children will still end up ok J Good luck parents!



The Devils double. Ego inflation



Wo ist Fred? Funny, funny, funny….



Vi. Don’t we love Scandinavian realism?



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